indir (7)Creativity and innovation

   Students think and act creatively, enhance their knowledge, make innovations and use tecnology effectively. They work on models and explore complex systems. They create new products by using the knowledge they have.

Communication and colloboration

 Students use digital media to communicate with each other and work together.Also, they use digital media for self-development and individual learning.They share information and their ideas via digital portals and they participate in project teams in order to find solutions for problems.

Research and information fluency

 Students use digital media tool as a source of information. They find, analyse and use informations from these sources.They can discriminate true information and use suitable websites to gather their information.

Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making

 Students identify problems and use critical thinking skills to deal with these problems.When they make a decision, they apply the data that thay gathered and analysed.

Digital citizenship

Students show legal and ethical behaviors when they use digital sources.Also,  they support lifelong learning  and self-development.

Technology operations and concepts

  Students have the ability to use and understand technology systems.They use application in an effective way.


Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity

   Teachers support innovative and creative activities in the class.They play crucial role in students’ exploring real world issues and solving problems.

Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

   Teachers are responsible for designing and develop technology-enriched learning environments that will help students to promote their learning and creativity.They use digital tools and sources in order to pinpoint the learning styles of students.

Model digital age work and learning

   Teachers colloborate with students using digital media in order to support student success and information.

Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility

Teachers make use of digital tools and resources in an ethical way that enables students to get cultural understanding and global awarenes.

Engage in professional growth and leadership

Teachers contribute to their focus groups by making use of existing and emerging digital tools which they acquire by participating in local and global learning communities.







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