2nd Term Week 5

my Storymaker

What is my Storymaker ?

Story Maker

As you can understand from the name of the website my Storymaker is an online storytelling application that enables you to create your own creative stories. It is free and there is no need to be a member of the website.



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How to use my Storymaker ?

  • Go to my Storymaker.
  • Click ” Click to Begin” button on the screen.
  • Type your name on the book.
  • Choose your main character.
  • Choose your main character’s goal and where  you want him to travel or what you want him to do.
  • Choose items, scenery  objects and setting.
  • Begin to write your own sentences or allow my Storymaker to write sentences for you.
  • When you finish writing your story click ”end” button.
  • You will see a code when you finish your story.
  • Do not forget to save your Magic Code.


If you want to see  how my Storymaker is used in detail watch this video.

How to use my Storymaker in classroom ?

my Storymaker best suited with reading and writing lessons  and language teaching. Use my Storymaker in reading lessons in order to make the lesson nore funny and attracive and to help your student to enhance their reading skills. Apply it in writing lessons. Ask your students to write their own creative story , to share their story with their classmates.

Here is my magic code if you want to see a sample story:AXF557

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unsDo you feel stuck ? Do not be hopeless. There is an application for it, as well. Unstuck is an application that helps you to get your stuck moments over.  It is free and it requires registration. Unstuck askes you some questions like ” How do you feel in this stuck moment ? ”, ” What it the type of stuck ? ”, ” What are you stuck on now ?  ” in order to clarify your stuck moment and find solutions for it. And it gives tips to get you unstuck.


How can we use Unstuck in education ?

Many student have some difficulties, problem related to school or their daily life but they do not want to share their problems with their teachers, friends or their parents. They need someone or something that they can share their problems privately. As a teacher, you can recommend Unstuck to your students who says I have a problem but I do not want to talk about it to anyone.

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Bitstrips  is a free online platform that allows you to create your own comics , cartoons, avatars and characters. You can choose a character or characters and adjust their physical features such as their skin tone, face shape or their pose. You can choose scene, furnitures and the outfits of the characters. Then, you can create your comic.

This is my Bitstrips character.

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How to integrate Bitstrips into education ?

As a teacher, you should benefit from the power of comics and cartoons in your classes . Bitstrips is the very tool for this aim. It can be used  in reading and speaking classes. Create appealing comics and let your student to do short role plays. You can also make use of  Bitstrips  in vocabulary lessons in order to daily expression in English and ,also, collocations.

Get more information about  how to use Bitstrips.



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